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Introligatornia Artystyczna Pimax - albumy, księgi, etui

75-254 Koszalin ul. Franciszkańska 18

tel.: 94 3416983, Bookbindery and Artistic Publishing House Pimax

fax: 3416983

rok założenia firmy: 2000

Introligatornia Artystyczna Pimax - albumy, księgi, etui

Pimax Bookbindery and Artistic Publishing House

Pimax Bookbindery and Artistic Publishing House. We specialize in exceptional hand-made binding of books, albums, business card holders, etc. with precious natural materials such as leather, silk, and parchment. We maintain old, often forgotten techniques of bookbindery and jewelry, which makes each our copy unique. Together we select the leather quality and color, ornaments, initials, logo. For special orders of companies and individuals we make even the most sophisticated designs. Not only may our products be used to add splendor to anniversaries, meetings, honor important people, but they also enhance company prestige.
BIBLIOPHILE EDITIONS: Small-circulation editions and reprints of old and modern works printed on noble papers and artistically bound in leather, silk, or parchment. Furthermore, we offer books of various publishing houses in our bibliophile bindings. The Bible with a dedication and impressed name of the person presented with the book, bound according to a given design might be a wonderful and original present for a special occasion. Bibles in artistic bindings are exceptional presents on the occasion of baptism, communion, or wedding.
EXLUSIVE ARTICLES FOR COMPANIES A perfect and at the same time exclusive completion of an office may be various business card holders in leather bindings, manager’s notebooks, book diaries, leather or semi-leather files, exclusive desk pads, leather containers and pen cases, CD cases or notebooks in artistic bindings. We also offer unique articles for restaurants, hotels, or guest houses.  We make menus, wine lists, waiter’s notepads, reservation card holders, visitors' registers. They may be bound in typical materials, various linens, leather imitation, or beautiful Italian natural leather.
LUXURIOUS ARTICLES FOR SPECIAL OCCASSIONS: For special order of companies and private people we make the most sophisticated designs.  Unique Pimax products may be used not only to add splendor to anniversaries or meetings, honor important people, but may also enhance the prestige and positive image of a company. We produce unique packaging for special occasions, medal boxes, tubes in natural leather, packaging in company prints, exclusive CD cases, leather jewelry boxes, etc.
BOOKS IN ARTISTIC BINDINGS We offer hand-made book bindings of different editions and bibliophile editions of our company. Each copy is made strictly according to Client’s request. You may select the leather color and quality, as well as the manner of decoration and binding styling. The most popular are jewelry gothic-style binding, with gems in silver or gold, amber, inlays, binding with metal fixtures and paintings on the side edges. We make reprints of works, also modern ones.
PHOTO ALBUMS AND PHOTOBOOKS. We offer unique, hand-sewn, natural leather binding traditional photo albums and professional photo books in artistic bindings. Our albums are made only from best materials, such as acidless cardboards and decorative papers, Italian natural leather plant tanned. Prints for wedding photo books are made on silk or metallic papers. Photo books pages, up to 2 mm thick, may be gilded or color to match the leather used for the binding. 
CHRONICLES AND VISITORS’ BOOK A visitors’ book is an expression of company’s individualism. It collects the most import ant information about its life and history. It cannot be anonymous, then, and produced in series. It is chronicles and visitors’ books that reflect the character of our business and make its best always alive business book. All details concerning materials and colors of leather and ornaments may be precisely selected by a client. The shape and format of a book may be selected.
LEATHER SETS/TOOLS FOR A DESK We offer exclusive, unique on the market, hand-made leather desk pads, mouse pads, leather pen cases, business card holders, diaries, and files in semi-leather bindings. Leather desk sets consist of a dozen or so elements, individually selected to suit the Client’s needs. Design, colors and size – to be selected.